Ladies First

    As part of street culture, we are embarking on a new project not only for ladies. Our values ​​include freedom, and that includes freedom in what you want to wear. We perceive fashion as something you can show who you are. And we enjoy it. And we believe that you will enjoy it too!

    Streetwear is not for ladies? What?!

    We definitely don’t agree with that. Did you know that within our portfolio, ladies can choose from 69 brands from which we have a women's collection? Of these, 5 are specifically for women. There’s more possibilities, why not choose products for boys? Suddenly you have 114 brands here! Because #menswearlooksgreatonyou. Under this hashtag you will find the movement we started with our Annet X and Veronika. This is also one of the reasons why we photograph some pieces on girls and boys. Are you a girl and you wear menswear? Take a photo and share on Instagram with a hashtag.

    Skinny and young girls are prettier

    A statement which is associated with the whole fashion industry but is no longer true. Among our models you will find ladies of all shapes and ages and streetwear suits them all!So whether you're running ultramarathons or pushing the motto that the best sport is coffee and cake, we want to tell you and all our sisters - you're all QUEENS!

    Your mother

    There are no differences between us. We don't care if you have just graduated, if you are a mother on maternity leave or if you are already a matador in your field. What matters to us is what you can do and whether you want to improve Queens with us. That is why we offer the possibility of part-time work or flexible working hours. It is important for us that people feel good with us and have time for family and their hobbies so you and even your mom can apply.

    Promises are not mistakes

    We rely on keeping our promises. So when you read here about all our statements, you can be sure that we mean it. We don't always write about everything we do, but it is worth mentioning, for example, the support of promising artists or organizations such as #holkyzmarketingu or Women in Business. We also choose a variety of charity projects. In the past, we helped single women or children from children's homes. We think that something needs to be returned to society so we try to contribute.

    Who digs for Queens

    You probably notice that our logo shines on many stages and the hashtag Queens appears on the profiles you follow on Instagram. Cooperation with influencers is something more for us. Sure, we're wondering how to get things to as many people as possible, but also whether those who are Queens' faces really represent what we believe. We are real and we have a community of great people around us.